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"Up On Cherry Hill"Official Newsletter of Cherry Hill Home & Studio Hi Cherry Hill Gang

Excitement - Excitement - ExcitementSo much going on at Cherry Hill Home.There is so much going on that I just can't get all in one newsletter.Christmas Open House (Nov 11)Vintage/Antique/Decorating Show (Feb - will let you know date)Classes/Seminars (working on Schedule)"Marc Speaking" Radio Talk Show (I'm host)So much to tell you. 

Make sure you read the entire newsletter. More good news and positive events than I can put in this newsletter.Hope you enjoy.  Please take the time to let me know if you received this email and what you think of it. Always want to know your ideas, suggestions, and comments.REMEMBER – Don't expect the typical from Cherry Hill Home


 BIG NEWS –EXCITING NEWSCherry Hill is back!New store,new look,new address.

Cherry Hill Home

(formerly Cherry Hill Antiques)2811 Tamaimi Trail (hwy 41)Unit  NPort Charlotte, FlWHERE VINTAGE, ART, ANTIQUES, FUN, AND DESIGN COME TOGETHER.“Never expect the typical from Cherry Hill Home”Not JUST an antique store –we're so much more We've morphed into an decorating storeYou MUST get in my new store. If you've been here you must come again, changes daily.Do much to show you.Vintage, Antiques, Famous “Marc Art”, Decorative Items, New items Project pieces – furniture parts and pieces for “DIY” (table legs, tops, spindles, brass casters, etc)Decorating Ideas Painted Furniture - farmhouse, beachy, cottage Beautiful handmade pillows New quality bolts of fabric – straight from an interior designer Classes/SeminarI even have a couple hundred vintage matchbooks -Box full of decorating magazines – most new – some vintage – all $1.00 each We offer Lay a way 2811 Tamiami Trail Unit NPort Charlotte, Fl 33952 Between West Tarpon and Port Charlotte Blvd Summer HoursI  take care of my edlerly parents Friday 11:00-4:00 Saturday 12:00 – 4:00 or by appointment We love appointments Want to make an appointment - Need info – directions?Text me at 941-286-8617

Vintage/Antique/Decorating Outdoor Show Planning  aVintage/Antique/Decorating show Sometime Beginning of February will let you know exact date.Booth Rental available $25.00 eaNo flea market merchandise Must be something used in decorating a home Featuring Vintage – Antiques – Painted Furniture – Fun things Will have a weaving demo If you are interested in renting a space or if you know someone who might be interested - contact me.Location2811 Tamiami Trial (Hwy 41)Port Charlotte.Behind my store - Huge parking lotTents not included941-286-8617Call, text or email me for more info

Christmas Open house November 11, 2018 2:00Join us for our Christmas Open HouseLots of Christmas itemsSanta's, ornaments,Christmas Floral Arrangements,Christmas DecorLots of food, door prizes, funSALEEven if your not a Christmas person – join us for the fun, and the gathering.R.S.V.P if possibleIf you have ever been to a Cherry Hill Event you know how fun they are.If you haven't – make sure you attend. Don't miss the event of season.

 “Marc Speaking”Radio Talk Show For those who don't know I have my own hit radio talk show.(hard to believe, anyone who knows me knows I don't like to talk...NOT)Wccfam  1580amSaturdays 10:05-1100 am Stream at anytime – anyplace NOTE – have been on air for 70 weeks now.We discuss Decorating, Antiques, Vintage, Charities, Gardening, Shopping, Downsizing, Volunteering, Writing, Recipes/cooking, whatever else we think of.NO POLITICS – we are a politic free zone.My radio show is just like my stores. They are fun, unique and one of a kind.All positive thinking. Our goal is to help you enhance your life by trying something new, learning something new, or thinking something new.This is also a call in show and love to hear your ideas on what we are discussing. Every week we have a question of the week and if you call in and answer correctly you win a gift.If you miss my show or are out of the area you can stream it anytime, anyplace.Go to link below, scroll on the banner over to the pic of red buffet and “Marc Speaking”, click on that (your on my iheart radio blog), scroll down to “past shows” and click on show you want to stream.You can listen live (at correct show time) on this iheart radio blog also. way – is not complete but has the home page which is the radio show page).Scroll down to the “past shows” and click on show you would like to

We carry lots of antique/vintage table legs, spindles, casters, wheels, etc. Great for the DIY

My favorite businesses

Complete Auto Repair

My truck is old and always needs repair. I trust Ron and his people with my truck, my money and with my life. You can too.Tell him "Marc from the Radio" sent you.He earned my trust.   Complete Auto Repair20120 Veterans Blvd Port Charlotte, Flwebsite 941-623-2926

Bedmasters Outlet Store They manufacture your mattresses right at their store Why spend money for a middle man – get it right from the makerIf you need smaller mattresses for benches or small beds for your home or boat – they can do that– need foam for your own project – Bedmasters Outlet Store has all sizes Tell them "Marc From the Radio" sent you4105 Tamiami TrlPort Charlotte, Florida 33952(941) 766-9122

Island Women Creations2811 Tamiami Trail Unit L Port Charlotte, Florida 33952(941) 286-4144

Zula's AntiquesThe best antique store in Florida – true antiques – clean – great displays6441 U Hwy 19Terra Ceia, Florida 34250 (941) 729-9500 facebook at Zula's Antiques

 Facebook - Marc Washicheck- Cherry Hill HomePlease like me and follow me – see my live videos of my store – videos of me painting or info on antiques, vintage, art, gardening, of course dog videos You can help without spending money just by liking pages, sharing pages and commenting on your favorite business pages.How many "friends and shares" a business gets can mean the difference between failure and success.It helps to be found by the search engines and customers.




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Marc Speaking

Marc Speaking

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