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Cherry Hill

Here are some photos taken by Todd Matthews of the new store, located at

2811 Tamaimi Trail (hwy 41)

Unit N

Port Charlotte, Fl

between Port Charlotte Blvd – West Tarpon

across from Jack & Jill's Adult Superstore 

Whiskey Creek Restaurant

Phone 941-286-8617


Facebook Marc Washicheck 

Summer Hours 

Friday 11:00-4:00

Saturday 12:00-4:00

Sundays is for classes/seminars/groups

(will stay open longer if people are shopping) 

Or by chance or appointment 



"Up On Cherry Hill"

Official Newsletter of Cherry Hill Home & Studio 

Hi Cherry Hill Gang!

Been a long long time since you heard  from me. A lot was going on, was working on many different things, and  really changed my life in the past few months. All to the better.  Actually to the best.

Have a lot of great news to tell you,  so excited. Make sure you read the entire newsletter. More good news and  positive events than I can put in this newsletter.

Hope you enjoy.  

Please take the  time to let me know if you received this email and what you think of it.  Always want to know your ideas, suggestions, and comments. 

REMEMBER – Don't expect the typical from Cherry Hill Home




Cherry Hill is back! 

New store, 

new look,

new address.

Cherry Hill Home

(formerly Cherry Hill Antiques)

2811 Tamaimi Trail (hwy 41)

Unit N

Port Charlotte, Fl


Not JUST an antique store – It's evolving into a DECORATING STORE 

Decorating Decor, Vintage, Antiques, Famous “Marc Art, Art, new items, recycled items....

Classes and seminars - Decorating Ideas

There is a reason why I have every piece - Everything is hand picked

Decorative - fun – artistic – antique – vintage – beautiful – interesting

Many one of a kind, very unique conversation pieces.


Cherry Hill Home also includes my studio/workshop in it. Come see what I'm working on.

Be the first to see newly finished Famous “Marc Art” pieces.

Handmade furniture

Painted furniture


Garage Funk

Rusty Ole Plaques


Non arrangements arrangements

Porch Still Lives

Floral Arrangements (unique)


Kim Johnson owner of Good Life To Go

(formerly from Arcadia)

will have a nice selections of her organic Teas and herbs for sale.

I retired from my job and opened a new store –

Not JUST an antique store – not just any store


My store has a “high comfort level” 

and is “visually stimulating” 

Great merchandise

Great displays

Come often, changes daily. 

A great place to decompress after work

2811 Tamaimi Trail (hwy 41)

Unit N

Port Charlotte, Fl

between Port Charlotte Blvd – West Tarpon

across from Jack & Jill's Adult Superstore 

Whiskey Creek Restaurant

Phone 941-286-8617


Facebook Marc Washicheck 

Summer Hours 

Friday 11:00-4:00

Saturday 12:00-4:00

Sundays is for classes/seminars/groups

(will stay open longer if people are shopping) 

Or by chance or appointment 




Handmade Pillows

Wonderful handmade pillows in a varity of patterns and colors. All  new fabric, new pillow forms or polyfill. Excellently sewn. Call or  email for pics of all patterns, colors, and prices. The more you buy the  lower the price.

“Marc Speaking 

Radio Talk Show

For those who don't know I have my own hit radio talk show.

(hard to believe, anyone who knows me knows I don't like to talk...NOT)

News Radio 1580, WCCF

Saturdays 10:05-1100 am

Stream at anytime – anyplace at

NOTE – have been on air for 70 weeks now.

We discuss  Decorating, Antiques, Vintage, Charities, Gardening, Shopping,  Downsizing, Volunteering, Writing, Recipes/cooking, whatever else we  think of.

NO POLITICS – we are a politics  free zone. 

My radio show is just like my stores. They are fun, unique and one of a kind.

All positive thinking. Our goal is to  help you enhance your life by trying something new, learning something  new, or thinking something new.

This is also a call in show and love to hear your ideas on what we are discussing.

Every week we have a question of the week and if you call in and answer correctly you win a gift.

If you miss my show or are out of the area you can stream it anytime, anyplace.

Go to link below, scroll on the banner  over to the pic of red buffet and “Marc Speaking”, click on that (your  on my iheart radio blog), scroll down to “past shows” and click on show  you want to stream.

You can listen live (at correct show time) on this iheart radio blog also.

Another way – 

(it is not complete but has the home page which is the radio show page).

Scroll down to the “past shows” and click on show you would like to



Fun Classes & Seminars

More exciting news.

  I'm starting my classes and seminars up again. Finally have a place to have them.

  As most of you know, I have more  than 15 years of experience in giving 5 star, grade A, fun, informative  classes, seminars and luncheons.

The next seminar is

June 24, 2018 

2:00 pm

How to Redecorate without spending money” 

Speaker Marc Washicheck

This is my most popular seminar – ladies clubs – church groups. Seminar is so much fun 

Show items you have in your house already – how to use them differently

Will demonstrate how to create small display or vignettes on a shelf and table

"What is it" segment 

Light Refreshments or bring your own

Door prizes

No work, just sit back listen and enjoy

Will give you so many ideas on how to change your home around. your brain will get hot.

You won't be able to wait to get home

and “redecorate 

About an 1 ½ hour class

Limited Seating

$20.00 each Prepaid only


How to register and prepay

For questions or to register 

call 941-286-8617 leave a message 

(make sure you speak clearly so I can call you back)

Registration is through me not the store. 

Cash, checks no credit cards yet.

Please make sure you can make the date you are reserving a space in class/seminar. 

Do to the preparation and nature of  these classes/seminars we cannot refund or hold money for another for no  shows, or canceled reservations


Bird Nest Sign

Instructor Marc Washicheck

2:00 pm

"Make it and take it" class 

Will show you how to paint a bird nest with 3 eggs in it

you will do the painting yourself

Very easy – can't go wrong

All supplies will be included

Sign will be on a piece of wood – ready to hang

You add whatever saying you would like - “Welcome - “God Bless” 

Stencil – or Stick on letters 

Bird nest can be painted on walls - furniture – signs – canvas

Non professionals only 

Refreshments included or bring your own

about 2 hour class

Limited seating

$ 30.00 each prepaid 


Where will the fun take place?

All classes and seminars will all take place at 2:00 at the new store 

Cherry Hill Home

2811 Tamaimi Trail Unit N

Port Charlotte, Fl 


My favorite business

Complete Auto Repair


  My truck is getting older and needs  lots of repairs. I guess that is just a fact of life. My transmission  went out, 4 places said it can't be fixed, thank Goodness I found Ron  Morgan at Complete Auto Repair. He fixed it and saved me $1400 dollars. 

I never worry about my car repairs  anymore. I know that Ron will take care of me and it will be less money  than other places. It is a great feeling to know and trust a car repair  place. Don't worry anymore. 

Tell them Marc from the radio sent you. You'll love them. 

He earned my trust.    

Complete Auto Repair 

20120 Veterans Blvd Port Charlotte, Fl



Special Events

“Marc Speaking” (My show) “live” at my store – sometime in August. 

Grand opening of Cherry Hill Home – towards end of September. 

Classes and Seminars

June 24, 2018 - How to redecorate without spending any money – speaker Marc Washicheck

August 19, 2018 Weaving Class with Vicki Verbanic 

More to come, keep watching my Facebook, website, listen to show, or feel free to call me.

I'll keep everyone posted and will post more on details of classes/seminars

Christmas Open House – they are known to be fun, fantastic, an experience. (Date to be set)

February 2019 – Anniversary Party – 2 years on radio. 

Decorating Shorts

Take a teapot without a lid or that is chipped and hang outside by handle and let birds nest in it. 

Take a old shoe, nail on fence or post and let the birds next in it. 

Egg cups – use as candle holders. They come in huge variety of colors, sizes,  patterns, are very inexpensive, easy to find. Pick eggcups that fit into  your décor. Fast way to add warmth to your room. 

Don't have to match, mismatched is  more exciting and very in now days. Can be used in any room of home  including bathroom. Place one at each seat at a dinner party. Use real  tealight or votive candles or the battery candles. Fast and adds so much  warmth, character and fun to any home.

Old Mailboxes – use in garden to hold your gardening tools. Will keep dry and you will know where tools are when you need them


I'll let you get back to your busy lives. Newsletters will be coming about once a month. 

Feel free to forward my emails to friends

Marc Washicheck

Cherry Hill Home

Small Business Consulting and Development

2811 Tamaimi Trail Unit N

Port Charlotte, Fl.

Phone 941-286-8617


Marc Speaking

Marc Speaking

Listen every Saturday from 10am-11am on NewsRadio 1580, WCCF for "Marc Speaking" Read more


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