A Rainy Wednesday!

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Here's your forecast from ABC-7's  John Scalzi!

With a year to date rainfall deficit of over 3 inches, we could use a little rain. For this morning we can expect just that. Light to moderate rains will transition into moderate to at times patchy areas of passing heavy rains. Watch for ponding on roadways that could lead to hydroplaning in the morning commute. The good news is the steady rains of the morning will become more intermittent rain in the later afternoon. Occasional showers may linger into the early hours of Thursday as the low responsible for the rain will be slow to move across the state and continue to bring an onshore wind. Highs today in the mid 70's and total rainfall could easily exceed 1.5 inches.

Sun returns tomorrow but temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 70's with a humid afternoon. Another front moves past dry on Saturday. It will bring slightly cooler and drier air our way on Sunday.

John Scalzi

So adorable, it hurts... Doctors from a children's hospital helped save a dehydrated premature baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo! Fiona the hippo was born six weeks early on January 24th. Severely underweight, Fiona became dehydrated after refusing milk. Attempts to rehydrate her with I-V fluids were stymied because the baby hippos veins were so small and fragile, they couldn't hold the I-V for very long. She got so sick and lethargic, the local Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center stepped in to help rehydrate her. Two members of the hospital's vascular team brought in ultrasound imaging equipment to the zoo on Friday and help put an I-V catheter into Fiona. On the second try, the BBC says they were finally able to insert and keep the I-V in one of her deep leg veins. Five bags of fluid later and baby hippo Fiona is on the rebound. She's still on the catheter, but is drinking milk and being cared for close enough to momma hippo Bibi and poppa hippo Henry so the family can hear and smell each other. (Bartha)


We have more proof that Big Brother is alive and well and may be living in your daughter's bedroom! Yep, Mom.me reports My Friend Cayla --which claims to be a "Doll You Can Talk To Like a Real Friend" --is unsafe and the bluetooth device inside can be easily hacked. This means creepers can eavesdrop on your child and speak to them through little Cayla.   The Vivid Toy Group swears their product is safe and not (wait for it...) an "espionage device." German authorities are encouraging parents to destroy the item, while the UK Toy Retailers Association believes there's "no special risk" or "reason for alarm." The Ross Britain Report

All Stella wants is a cookie, but she can't seem to get a hold of it.


The Full Story:

  • According to a new survey, 70% of folks say they’ve had a pretty unpleasant experience in a public facility
  • The most common causes of a bad restroom experience include empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers, clogged or unflushed toilets, stall doors that don't latch, bad smells and just simply bad overall appearance
  • 60% of those 55 and over probably wouldn’t return to a business with an unpleasant bathroom, while younger consumers are likely to tell a friend or post about it on social media

Having to use a public restroom is a necessity. But let’s face it, nobody really loves the experience. In fact, according to a new survey, 70% of folks say they’ve actually had a pretty unpleasant experience in a public facility.

Most people can likely sympathize with the most common causes of a bad restroom experience, including:

  • empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers (93%)
  • clogged or unflushed toilets (87%)
  • stall doors that don't latch (81%)
  • bad smells (79%)
  • bad overall appearance and cleanliness (79%)

And then there are the awkward bathroom situations, the most common being someone opening the stall door while they're using it, discovering the toilet paper dispenser was empty, walking into the wrong gender's restroom and clogging the toilet.

Most people are so grossed out by public restrooms they’ll go to great lengths not to touch anything while in one. To do this, 47% of people will flush a toilet with their foot, while 45% will grab a door handle with a paper towel and 38% are toilet seat hoverers.

  • And businesses really should want to put the extra effort into providing customers with a clean bathroom. The survey finds that 60% of those 55 and over probably wouldn’t return to a business with an unpleasant bathroom, while younger consumers are likely to tell a friend or post about it on social media. In addition, clean bathrooms can be an attraction for customers, with 77% of 18 to 34-year-olds, and 60% of older adults, saying they selected a specific business because of their clean bathrooms.

Source: The Street

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